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The Fair Game Project

The Bessie Smith Cultural Center is pleased to welcome back Shanequa Gay for her solo exhibition “The Fair Game Project”. The Fair Game Project will be on display in the museum galleries June 7 – August 30, 2013.

The Fair Game Project is beginning the never-ending conversation of what Shanequa Gay sees happening to the African American Male population. From crime, disease, education, family, economic wealth disparities, poverty, homelessness, voter suppression, oppression, the prison system, unjustified arrests, murders and genocide.

What really pushed me over the edge to move forward with this project was the blood shed in Chicago, the deplorable graduation rates, and the Bobby Tillman, Trayvon Martin, Robert Champion, Ariston Waiters, and Troy Davis cases to name a few.

These and many more issues are plagues within the black community and are becoming like regular every day news, the reporting of a black male being murdered or going to prison is commonplace, people are unmoved, not shaken, not stirred by the damage that is being done.

Fair Game is inspired by my belief that African American men are being hunted like game and are an endangered species, it seems as though everything and everyone in this world is trying to annihilate this being including the black male through self inflicted genocide.

The purpose of The Fair Game Project is to bring these and many other issues to the forefront in order to for us to question what is happening, to respond, to act, and hopefully make moves toward change.